California Youtube Headquarter ah kahawknak thleng

SAN BRUNO, CA - APRIL 03: Police officers stand by in front of the YouTube headquarters on April 3, 2018 in San Bruno, California. Police are investigating an active shooter incident at YouTube headquarters that has left at least one person dead and several wounded. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Mitute ah khan California ih Youtube Headquarters ah kahawknak rapthlak tak a thleng, minung 3 lai in hliam an tuar ih nunau pakhat cu a thicia in sar a si ih, a langdan ah amahte thataw (suicide) a bang.

San Bruno ih palik bawi Ed Barberini cun a sim dan ah, emergency number 911 ih call nak kan dawngih nupinu pakhat cu thicia in hmuh a si, himi nupinu hi mi kaptu tiih zummi a si, a thihdan alangdan ah amahte that-aw a si.

Palik bawi hin ziangruangah hivek in thil a cang timi cu a simfiang mei thei hrih lo. Hliamtuar tu minung 3 tel in a dang minung pali pawl cu tual sung sizung ah tlanpi cih an si. Hliamtuar lakah kum 36 ih upa pakhat le kum 32 mi pakhat cu bese zetin hliam an tuar.

Video thawn Zoh duhtu hrangah a hnuai ah Video zoh aw.

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