Canada model nu a lungawi tuk ruangah taklawng in um


Model Shay Mitchell cun amah thapetupawl (fans) lungawiternak ah tiin le mah khal a lungawi tuk ruangah bawli hruk loin khawlak ah a vak ciamco.


Model nu hi mi mawi, cangan thiam, actress le model khal a si ih, amai’ YouTube channel rak subscribe tu (Subscribers) mipi million 3 an kimnak lungawinak le a YouTube Channel subscribers pawl lungawiternak ah tiin hivek ih a tuahnak a si.

Shay Mitchell hi Canadian mi a si ih, April 10, 1987 ah Canada ram Mississauga khawpi ah a piang. Tu ah kum 30 a kim thlang a si.


I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell



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